My Services

Writing: My signature style is to present information in plain language. I'm not a fan of flowery prose, which means when your target audience reads something I've written, they'll never have to ask themselves, "I wonder what that means?"

Editing: If you've already produced a written document but you want an objective and trained professional to look for missing pieces of information and confusing passages, I can polish your text until it shines.

Copy editing: While editing deals with the big picture, copy editing is about the details: spelling (do you want to use "color" or "colour"?); conversion (do you want to use "feet" or "metres"?); capitalization vs. lowercasing (there's a standard style for that). I've drafted style guides for various clients and would be happy to assemble one for you.

Proofreading: If you have a document that's almost perfect, but you're concerned it might contain spelling mistakes or inconsistencies, I'll proofread it to look for those kind of errors.

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