About Me

Jane DoucetSince 1993, I've been writing for a wide range of clients, as well as editing the words of other writers for a living. I've produced magazine and newspaper articles, plus text for websites, brochures, newsletters, fact sheets and press releases.

I've also edited AGM and policy reports, grant proposals, academic literature reviews, book manuscripts, requests for proposals and advertising copy. My editorial range is as wide as the Atlantic Ocean is deep.

Based first in Toronto and now in Halifax, I've worked for national and regional magazines and newspapers, the government, the health care industry, the education sector and the military. My cross-Canada client list has almost 100 names on it (for a few you'll likely recognize, click on Magazine Work and Communications Work).

When people ask me what I do for a living, I might say I'm a writer, an editor or a freelance journalist, depending on what assignment I'm working on at the time.

But what do I really consider myself? A wordsmith. The dictionary definition: "A person who works with words; a skillful writer." I feel that's apt.

I'm always looking to expand my client base. To read my writing samples, click on My Portfolio, then hit Contact Me to get in touch.